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My personal wiki for system administration and miscellaneous IT information. See About me for my resume.


  • Batch Scripting - Mostly software deployment. Some workstation maintenance, Active Directory, GPO, & misc.
    • Startup Checklist - This is my "master" startup script, designed to be targeted to all workstations via a single GPO. Aside from preventing "GPO bloat", it offers finer control over how and when various startup scripts are executed. With this approach, you can specify that a script only runs once, or that it only runs on specific versions of Windows or only when other specified conditions are met, in a quicker and easier method than GPO WMI filters.
    • Batch Syntax Notes
  • PowerShell

Software Deployment


Web Development

Windows Server Administration

  • DNS - Domain Name System
  • GPO - Group Policy Objects
    • WMIC Filters - Useful for targeting GPO's to specific machine types
  • WSUS - Windows Server Update Services
  • BIOS

Imaging - Creating/Deploying Windows images. FOG, WAIK/Sysprep, Windows activation, etc.

Linux Server Administration

Server Hardware

Server Apps - Misc.