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Deployment: General Info

For enterprise deployments, consider the ESR (Extended Support Release) version.


Deployment: v31 ESR

Using CCK2 to configure deployment

Name: ESR_31_4_0_v4
Identifier: MCPSv4
Version: ESR_31_4_0_v4
  • Output directory: C:\Users\amorgan\Desktop\temp cck firefox esr 31_4_0\v4
  • "Web Pages": default home page " (allow change). Don't display welcome or upgrade pages.
  • User Interface: Display menu bar by default. Leave title bar text empty.
  • Permissions: add the following URL's and give them "Allow" for all 4 permission types:
  • Search Engines: set default to Google.
  • Bookmarks: display bookmarks toolbar by default. remove smart and default bookmarks.
  • Preferences: (misc. entries not covered by the CCK2 wizard)
    • If your users rely on websites that use Single-Sign-On (such as automatic signon using LDAPs to check the currently logged-in Windows user's credentials against a domain controller), you should enable NTLM authentication in firefox for those domains. [1]
 - preference: network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris   (allow LDAP SSO for these sites)
    • Set click-to-play default to off, allows all plugins to run without prompting? Disable other nag prompts.
 - preference: plugin.default.state   
   value: 2
 - preference: (always allow java plugin to be loaded without asking)
   value: 2
 - preference: extensions.blocklist.enabled   (req'd to disable outdated plugin warnings) (won't prompt to run outdated plugin)
   value: false
    • General: don't check if firefox is default browser, always ask me where to save files.
    • Data Choices: disable crash reporter, telemetry, and health report upload.
    • Update: disable firefox updates.
  • Certificates: No proxy, don't allow user to change network settings.
  • Miscellaneous: Don't show the rights notification, don't show snippets on about:home.

Add-on Installation

  • Different ways to install an add-on: [2]
  • Each plugin can be removed by deleting its associated file, or selectively enabled in firefox's .cfg file (or about:config). To view all installed plugins and their filename info, go to this address:
  • To deploy an addon that users can neither see, disable, or remove (addon is automatically installed and enabled next time firefox is restarted): download the .xpi (example: FirefoxGPO.xpi), extract it to a folder using 7-zip, then place this folder in [firefox install folder]\distribution\bundles. You may have to create the folders first. For example:
IF NOT EXIST "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\distribution\bundles" md "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\distribution\bundles"
(then copy the "FirefoxGPO" folder from server to "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\distribution\bundles\FirefoxGPO"

Firefox 31 ESR - example deployment script

@echo off
::installs Firefox 31.4.0 ESR(Extended Support Release) on winXP,7,8.
::if OS is win2k skip to end
ver | find "2000" > nul
IF %ERRORLEVEL%==0 GOTO firefox_eof

::set log location, and log that script started
SET p_log=C:\MYORG\general.log
ECHO %date% %time% %~0 Started >> %p_log%

SET _ver=31_4_0_ESR
SET _sourcedir=%_storeserver%\installers\firefox\%_ver%
:: set path for "program files" dir name in x32 and x64
SET _programfiles=C:\Program Files (x86)
IF %processor_architecture%==x86 SET _programfiles=C:\Program Files
::define destination dir for installation. currently set to default. variable used only to locate and del old config files.
SET INSTALLPATH=%_programfiles%\Mozilla Firefox
::set cck config files version
SET _cckver=cck_v9
ECHO Installing Firefox %_ver%...
::copy installer to temp dir
COPY /Y \\%_sourcedir%\Firefox_Setup_%_ver%.exe %windir%\temp\Firefox_Setup_%_ver%.exe >NUL
START /WAIT %windir%\temp\Firefox_Setup_%_ver%.exe -ms

::Rename application in registry, corrects how application appears in ccleaner and add/remove programs.
::  x86 and x64 require different reg files, since key path is different. both x86 and x64 windows use same firefox installer though.
SET _cpu=x64
IF %processor_architecture%==x86 SET _cpu=x86
regedit /s \\%_sourcedir%\reg_rename_appname_%_cpu%.reg
::disable mozilla maintenance service (the updater)
sc config MozillaMaintenance start= disabled
::copy config files from CCK into application dir
START /WAIT /MIN \\%_storeserver%\scripts\resources\robocopy \\%_storeserver%\installers\firefox\%_ver%\%_cckver%\firefox "%INSTALLPATH%" /E /XO /LOG:C:\MYORG\logs\firefox_v31_4_0_ESR_v4robocopy.log
ECHO %DATE% %TIME% Updated Firefox config files to %_cckver%>>%p_log%
ECHO %date% %time% %~0 Finished >>%p_log%