Batch Scripting

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This section contains batch scripts and syntax for use in an enterprise environment. Unless otherwise noted, they were written by myself, largely from scratch. Your mileage may vary, always make sure you understand what you're running, log its results, and test, test, test!


Software Deployment

  • Startup Checklist - This is my "master" startup script, designed to be targeted to all workstations via a single GPO. Aside from preventing "GPO bloat", it offers finer control over how and when various startup scripts are executed. With this approach, you can specify that a script only runs once, or that it only runs on specific versions of Windows or only when other specified conditions are met, in a quicker and easier method than GPO WMI filters.
  • 7-zip - The best open-source application for working with archive files, period! Supports zip/rar/gz/iso and many other formats.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Shockwave Player
  • AVG - 2013 Antivirus, Business Edition
  • Java

OS Configuration

GPO Scripts

  • GPO backups - Properly back-up all GPO's so they can be re-imported later
  • GPO reports - Get HTML reports for all your GPO's.